How to Transfer Word References to Another Computer

Today, you will discover in practice how to Transfer Word References saved to a computer. There is more than one way to accomplish this task, but we chose the simplest one possible. Remember, even if unlikely, make a backup of your file before you begin. You can send it to your attached email to make sure a copy is in the clouds.

Your referrals registered in Word can be exported and used on any other device. Do not worry, the process is easy and you are sure to be able to do it.

How to Transfer Word References

With your Word open, just go to the “References” tab located in the top menu of the text editor.

Click this option and go to “manage bibliographic sources” and select all your registered sources or the ones you want to export.

Once done, go all the way to the right side by clicking the “copy” button. Remembering, of course, that all of this must be done in a blank file.

“References are mandatory elements that consist of a standard set of descriptive elements taken from a document that allows their individual identification, in accordance with NBR 6023/2002, even mentioned in footnotes” (PICCOLI, 2006)

Be careful not to corrupt any important files and end up losing information even your CBT.

Done, you’re done, just save the blank file so all the references you’ve selected will be saved to it.

How to export to another computer

This done, you should copy this file, you can do the transfer by pen drive or even remote connection.

By transferring your file, you will notice that all your referrals will be there, ready to be used.

You can use them again and as many times as you wish. Even closing the downloaded file and opening a new one, the references will still be saved.

Now these references will also be available on this new computer, you do not need to open the downloaded file, it may be a new one.


This is a good option for those who will change computers and do not want to bother registering all the references again.

For those who are in the process of writing the TCC, having the references already saved is much more practical and fast.

So, every time you need to quote an author, you do not need to write the references, but rather use the saves in Word.

Do this if you want to transfer your referrals or just help a friend who needs them.

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